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I Love Cooking, Conceptually

I’ve always loved the concept of cooking, but I was never any good at it. The art of cooking eluded me like chemistry – experiments only worked 50% of the time, if that. Even for the recipes that worked once, there was no guarantee that they would work again. Part of the problem was that I would always deviate from the recipe, but would never write down the changes. I was also not very good at planning ahead for the hours of defrosting or marinating. Eventually, cooking became a terrifying and daunting chore in the midst of the chaos of life.

Then, one day, I met Super Husband (Super Boyfriend back then). He started showing me his secrets of cooking, making lots of funny and absurd comments along the way. As I watched him in the kitchen, what used to be a nightmare for me became a sort of quality time that we could spend together.

My cooking still sucks, I can barely chop vegetables at a respectable rate, and sometimes I will give myself food poisoning. But, slowly and surely, I’m learning to enjoy the process. Super Husband does most of the cooking while I prep the food, take pictures, and pick garlic off our dog (she likes to lie in front of the stove when we cook). I don’t ever expect to be a master chef, but hopefully in the near future, I can at least make some respectable food! My cooking posts are dedicated to everyone out there who has struggled with complicated cooking recipes containing ingredients that you’ll never find in the typical Asian kitchen. I like recipes with none of the fluff.

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